Mahatma Gandhi Cultural Forum, Sharjah grandly celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi in Sharjah

This comes in line with Gandhi Jayanti’s 153rd Birthday Celebration held in Rajghat, India

By Anitha Lakshminarayanan

Sharjah,2nd October-In line with Gandhi Jayanti’s 153rd birthday celebrations held in Rajghat, India Mahatma Gandhi Cultural Foundation Sharjah (MGCF) an associate of the Indian association Sharjah celebrated Gandhiji’s birthday (who is also known as a global leader who fought for non-violence and his birthday that is the 2nd of October is also observed as International Non-Violence Day across the world) in Sharjah in a grand manner.

Day full of Celebrations:

It was a day full of celebrations that kicked off at 9 a. m. with flower offerings or the pushparchana known in India and bhajans headed by DR. E.P.Johnson former president of the Indian Association Sharjah(IAS) followed by an Introductory speech by P.R. Prakash, General Convenor, IAS, Sharjah, and the function was presided by Pradeep Nemmara, President MGCF Sharjah.

Mr.Pradeep Nemmara said “It is a great honor for us at MGCF to be celebrating Gandhiji’s birthday celebrations in line with the 153rd Gandhiji’s celebrations at Rajghat. We respect the father of our nation, and we have a day full of activities planned out in Sharjah including a photo exhibition showcasing Gandhiji’s simple life, a blood donation camp, and a cultural show”

Photo Exhibition:

Grand Photo exhibition was inaugurated by Sreenathan T.K, Treasurer of Indian Association Sharjah(IAS) in an impressive manner which highlighted the importance of Bapu’s (Gandhiji was fondly known as Bapu in India) modest way of living and his motivations to free India from British rule.

Not to mention the welcome speech by Sreelatha Pradeep and the vote of thanks by Gafoor Palakad were quite warm and inviting.


The seminar was informative and empowering to the guests present at the celebrations as it was inaugurated by Jabir and a spectacular introductory speech from Mr.P.R. Prakash, General Convenor, MGCF, which ended with a vote of thanks by Fasil Mangad.

Award Function:


After the Seminar, the award function was inducted by T.V. Nazir, Gen.Secretary I.A.S.Along with a warm welcome from Prabhakaran Panthroli and a vote of thanks by Hamza Perinchery 

Lunch and Cultural forum

Cultural forum

Not only there was a gala lunch after the seminar, but also a great lineup of entertainment via cultural programs from MGCF and Indian association members

Blood Donation Camp was inaugurated by Mathukutty Kadone Chairman, NT.V.

The celebrations were completed with a blood donation camp and medical camp to support the Indian community living here in the UAE.

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